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This page is now woefully out-of-date I’m afraid, but still has links to earlier pages which you may not otherwise have seen.









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Home Page – Latest News – obligatory viewing. Yes, obligatory, under Pain of Burbling Excommunication.

Burblers’ Clothing – wear the Burblers Logo with Pride!

A Burbling History – how the Norwich V8 Burblers got where they are today . . .

The BurbleNat – our regular monthly Adnams Time, ooops, sorry, MGCC Natter. Full details; venue, time, initiation ceremony etc.

Burbling Contacts – all about us Founder Burblers. Well, photos and email addresses anyway.

Burblers’ Calendar – what we’re up to over the coming weeks. Adnams, goes without saying.

Burbling Links – a few MG and other places to visit but do come back here after your travels.

Gallery of Photographs – mostly of cars. Now, there’s a surprise. But a few aeroplanes and people too. How did they creep in?

Knobs and the 100th Burr Elm Gear Knob – two pages extremely dear to von Knobhausen’s heart. Part of his reason for living. Especially after he retires . . .

RV8 Literature and RV8 Parts and Alternative Parts Sources – two pages equally dear to my heart. How to save money . . . and see how a RV8 looks if you polish it too much.

For Sale and Wanted – there’s lots of things I want, a ruddy huge garage first on the list!

Musings on Life. The Series. By Big Ang – the Muse has visited BA.  Wit, humour, cars, women, childhood, travel, aircraft . . . not always in that order. …… PARTS  One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Steve’s Tour of Great War Sites – the story of Steve’s Healey’s trip in France and Belgium in 2009. Moving, amusing, tragic and witty . . . Poppy-wearing essential.  PARTS  One, Two, Two-and-a-bit, Three, Four and Five.

Memories of British Cars to British Forces in Germany – Peter Garton’s upbringing in the UK and then Germany, a life full of cars.

A Tribute to Tony Law – received from Claire, his step daughter.

A Tribute to Roy McCarthy – BCV8 Campaigner Extraordinaire.

Burblers Go Global – news from Burblers round the planet. Where will they get to next?

News from Simon Betney in New Zealand – snow capped mountains, a RV8 and a severe lack of Dodos. Well, you can’t have everything.

David Sutcliffe’s Ozzie Ramblings – Rain, Roos and Rushes for Gold. It’s all here!

Phil Taggart’s Cars in Oregon – spot the odd one out. Clue; it’s not a Brit.

Michael Strauss’ Corvette in Chicago – definitely a Motor car and definitely not a Brit!

Erik in Sweden – the place for Green Motoring.

The Birds and the Bs – cars (some MGBs if I can find them) and their Female Owners.

MG and Speed Records – famous MGs and MG people going very, very fast. Safety Fast, of course!

MG Pictures by Various Artists – racers and road cars galore, 1930s to about 1960’ish.

Taking Delivery of a F-type Magnamarvellous opening chapter of a book I don’t yet have a copy of.

Time for a Chuckle – from the artist, Roy Putt.

Acknowledgementsno, not the boring bit at all. It’s even got a good photo of Mrs VK, so there.

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