Ken Wallis – A Test of Time

Some of us recently visited Wing Commander Ken Wallis MBE – a most remarkable man who, at the age of 95 – yes 95! – is still flying the Autogyro, a fascinating and ingenious machine that he pioneered and developed.

But that’s only one of so many brilliant achievements too numerous to mention. He is an accomplished pilot, having flown Wellington bombers and other aircraft types, including airships and the mighty USAF ten engined Convair B36. He became an accomplished armaments expert, model maker, photographer and famously starred as James Bond flying Little Nellie in ‘You Only Live Twice.’ And how on earth did he find time to make motorcycles and sports cars, design, build and race speed boats, invent slotcar racing and achieve numerous world speed, performance and endurance records? Read the book by Ian Hancock and log onto to find out more.

Meanwhile, enjoy Max Porter’s photocoverage of two ‘Burbles’ to Reymerston Hall, where, to put it mildly, Ken’s collection of ‘wondrous things’ fascinated every one of us.

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