Fantastic find with only 62 miles on the clock!

George Wilder ‘found’ this remarkable example of a Le Mans Green MG RV8 which has only 62 miles on the clock!

MG Rover presented the car to the Heritage Museum in Gaydon, according to pictures available – see Knowles V8 book – but apparently this was a loan, not a gift. When MG Rover folded, the liquidators snatched it and the first MGF and took them back to Longbridge where they now live. Chassis no. 251 (the first production RV8) has been in the MG Museum there in the past but it is currently stored safely in one of the assembly plants.

The “find” of 251 and the picture is bit of a teaser for MGB50 and the work being done by George and his colleague, Chris Allan, for hopefully another volume of their research, MG RV8 – The Development Story which is to be published sometime in 2013/4.

One of the aims of this research is to try to produce a short biography of each of the development cars ending with 251. It does have minor differences from later cars such as smooth plastic trim at the top of the doors and around the mirrors.

But above all the colour is Le Mans Green paint code HPD on the VIN plate – not BRG as often believed.

It is the aim of Ian Pogson, Chief Engineer, After Sales Engineering, MG Motor Ltd., to have the car in the MGB timeline at MGB 50 at Blenheim.

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