Even an Aston doesn’t have the soul of an RV8

MGCC director, founder burbler, proper bloke and dear friend Ian ‘Quazzer’ Quarrington recently confessed to almost committing a cardinal sin. Read all about it in his own words below and be grateful he has a wife who truly understands MG and all it stands for. Quazzer once famously said to me, ‘Bugger me VK that RV8’s got soul.’
How right he was. If you’d like a copy of the poem he refers to, let me know!
And it all turned out right in the end! VK

Shakespeare (I had a two year affair with some of his plays when I was in my 6th form at school) famously wrote ” Though this be madness, there is method in it”.

Forget the method, your mate Q just did the madness…

Seeing an opportunity to buy a car had I dreamed of ever since it was launched, I threw caution to the wind, along with common sense and logic, forgot I was married for a short while and sold both MG’s and my Lotus Esprit to buy an Aston Martin. Not any Aston, but a MANUAL gearbox DB7 V12.

Burble on I thought!……until Mrs Q, who had been away on a business trip that week came to my garage on the following Saturday with a cup of tea to see the new acquisition and asked ” Where is the RV8?”

Genuine tears and a real sense of loss came to her when I said “I have sold it”. She was quiet for a few moments until “You do realise you have taken away a big part of my social life? I used that car to go to race meetings. I packed all my marshalling kit in it. We do the Regency run every year in it, we go to car shows and take picnics in it. NOW SORT IT OUT!!!”.

So I did. Four days later, Charles the RV8 was back where he belonged, in my garage. What I haven’t told her (yet) is that I can’t possibly sell him again, as he is no longer mine . . . yes, I re-registered him in Marion’s name.

I took him out to photograph him today and was reminded of your lovely poem. Whatever happens mate, you cannot possibly find a comparison to the soul of the RV8. Not even with an Aston Martin.

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